Because everyone is different, we listen to you and what your needs are. Lifestyles differ greatly, and so do a person’s hearing needs.

Pensioners and Veterans

Pensioners and eligible veterans are entitled to receive free hearing services under the Government’s Hearing Services Program, including the provision of hearing aids. The required Government forms to access this service can be obtained from our office. After the forms are filled in, they need to be signed by a registered medical practitioner and then sent to the Office of Hearing Services in Canberra. A voucher will subsequently be sent to each applicant, which enables them to obtain hearing services.

Should hearing aids be advised, we choose from an extensive range of technically advanced, digital hearing aids from several manufacturers. Clients can either choose free-to-client hearing aids, or “top-up” hearing aids which incorporate more technical features, and incur an additional cost.

Private clients

We provide a free mini test for private clients, which takes about five minutes. This tells us if there is a hearing problem which may benefit from amplification. We also provide a more comprehensive, full hearing test at a reasonable cost, which includes a report to a client’s doctor.

If benefit may be received from wearing hearing aids, we provide free trial fittings, so clients can decide for themselves if they find aids helpful.

We choose from an extensive range of hearing aids from different manufacturers to cater for each person’s needs. We keep the cost of our hearing aids at very competitive levels, and pride ourselves on offering value for money. Following a hearing aid fitting, we arrange several follow up appointments to ensure a satisfied outcome. Should a satisfied outcome not be achieved, it is our policy to refund the cost of the hearing aid/s, provided they are returned within one month of the fitting date.


We test children above the age of three, when they are able to wear headphones. Older children are tested in a soundproof booth, while very young children are tested sitting alongside their parents. Young children engage in “play audiometry”, which involves moving a bright object from one location to another when sounds are heard.

Impedance audiometry is also routinely performed on children, which tests middle ear functioning, and indicates if there is a medical problem with the ears.

Pre-employment tests

This should read, “These are hearing tests that are required by an industry or organisation prior to commencing employment. The tests normally take about 30 minutes and can be arranged to suit most working schedules. Prospective employers are notified of test results. Some organisations, like the Victorian Police, have their own forms for the audiologist to complete, and the client needs to bring this with them at the time of testing.


We see Work Cover clients who have a recognised hearing problem as a result of work-related noise or work-related incident, and whose employer or previous employer has agreed to fund the cost of hearing services.   We do all necessary correspondence with the nominated insurance company acting on behalf of Work Cover. 

Hearing aids

Hearing aids are not what they used to be and there are many choices available.

As an independent hearing services provider, we have access to and regularly fit hearing aids from all the major hearing aid manufacturers represented in Australia. While most hearing aid companies have a comprehensive range of products available, some differences between devices suggest that a hearing aid from one company may be better suited for you than another.

Noise and sleep plugs

Noise and sleep plugs are custom made ear plugs that reduce hearing ambient sounds. They are used by people who work in noise as well as people who are bothered by ambient sounds when they sleep. In order for these plugs to fit the ears well, impressions need to be taken of the ears. This is a simple, painless procedure, which takes about five minutes. A soft, pliable material is inserted into the ears, and removed after a few minutes. About 40dB attenuation, or reduction of overall sound, is achieved by wearing noise or sleep plugs, which will protect ears from harmful noise or significantly reduce hearing someone snoring nearby!

Swim plugs

These are custom made plugs that reduce the amount of water getting into a person’s ears. These plugs are made for people, often children, who have had an operation on their ears and need to keep water out as much as possible. Impressions need to be taken of the ears, and this involves a simple and painless procedure which takes about five minutes. Swim plugs are made of soft, pliable material. While they do not guarantee to keep all water out of the ears, they are more effective at doing this than other methods.

Musician plugs

These are either custom made or non-custom ear plugs that reduce the amount of overall sound to a certain degree. This is achieved with small sound filters which are built into the plugs. These plugs are typically used by musicians or people who work in noise who want to protect their hearing, but still need to hear speech or the sound of instruments around them. Impressions of the ears are required for custom plugs, which is a simple, painless procedure, taking about five minutes. Non custom plugs do not require impressions and cost less than custom plugs.

We Listen, We Assess, We Advise, We Provide, We Assist
We assess hearing and determine each person’s needs before deciding the best course of action. Some hearing loss may not warrant the fitting of a hearing aid. For private clients, we offer a free hearing check [mini check] which tells us if there is a hearing problem that would benefit from a hearing aid.

Not all hearing loss is the same, and what is appropriate for one person will not necessarily be appropriate for another. The extent of hearing loss and the physical properties of individual ears, as well as lifestyle and personal choices, will determine the suitability of a hearing device.

We offer a large range of the most advanced, digital hearing devices from all Australian based manufacturers. Hearing aids are not what they used to be and discreet, effective aids are available for most losses.

Learning to hear again is a process, and we are committed to helping you though every step of the process.

Special thanks to the Quality Hearing team for providing me with my first set of hearing aids several years ago and  replacement aids last month.  Their approach is very professional and supportive. Lesly and Jacinta took great care in assessing my hearing limitations, providing vital information regarding the various options and ensuring my new aids were set up in a manner that would best suit my needs.  I greatly appreciated their thoroughness and friendliness, and happily recommend Quality Hearing to anyone who has similar needs. I’m very happy with my aids and would not hesitate to return to Quality Hearing in the future.”

Gary F

April 2017